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Flores Y Fuego Released Video For “Muerde El Anzelo”

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Guadalajara, Mexico’s FLORES Y FUEGO have released a video for the song “Muerde El Anzuelo,” which translates in English to “Take The Bait.” The song comes from their LP “Altar” which is will be available later this spring on Pirates Press Records. Additionally, the album is streaming on all platforms.

“Muerde El Anzuelo” is replete with socio-economic commentary about people who attempt to join a rank and file life only to have it swept out from under them by the powers that be.

This was the first song that guitarist Rafael Sotomayor wrote for the band which allowed him to do what makes you happy and is a call to be yourself. “The song is about about the pressures that society, family, school, and more, try to impose to us as individuals, and sometimes consequences can be very sad where people end up with depression or even suicide,” says Sotomayor.

The band linked up with director Francisco II Suazo to create the video the old school, DIY way. They utilized analog camera effects to achieve the “ghost” effect to demonstrate the idea around the idea of confusion around the state of reality.

The band previously released a video for “Soy Tu Voz,” the opener to the album and immediately sets the tone for the entire record. The song’s theme rings loud as the band represents the voice of many women who experience sexual assault while their attackers face no consequences.

With all of their songs entirely in Spanish, fans will instantly connect with “Altar,” proving once again that music is a universal language. With themes such as gender inequality, unjust violence, and so much more, the album still rings universally true no matter who listens to it.

“We talk about giving a voice to those who don’t have a voice, about existentialism, social discontent, being fed up, about how difficult adulthood is,” says Sotomayor.

Hailing from Guadalajara, the band have been making waves in the Mexican punk scene since early 2020. With the release of “Altar,” fans, journalists, and bands alike immediately took notice. Sonic Arsenal declared it a “hardcore gem” and stated that it is “forceful speech about gender violence, indifference, dignified rage…” Indierocks.mx proclaimed that the song “Soy tu voz” has “fury that cannot be contained.”

Not only have the press taken notice, artists have too. The band recently shared the stage with Amyl & The Sniffers as their main suppport – and this was no ordinary show. This was a sold out gig in their hometown where they blew the doors off and were able to make a ton of new fans!

As spring gets closer, more news will be sure to come about what Flores Y Fuego will be up to and further information on how to get your hands on a copy of “Altar.”





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