Hello London - Past Futures LP

Hello London – Past Futures LP

Hello London - Past Futures LP

A couple of new records arrived at our headquarters last week, so I wanted to start this week with some excellent music. Past Futures is a debut full-length album by Hello London, a Buffalo-based solo project that will unquestionably appeal to fans of indie sound. Perhaps Past Futures is a debut album, but it’s certainly not the only material Hello London released. Quite the contrary, this highly creative artist also published a few EPs like At The End Of The World and Stay That Way. Also, there are many singles, such as At The End Of The World, Perfect, Back On The Train, Chased The Night, New Dream, Out There, Always, Stolen Words, Another Day, The Brink, and Somewhere Else. As you can see, Hello London keeps his activities as prolific as possible, and his music shines bright with sheer quality. Everything I heard sounds divine, and I highly advise you to pay close attention to this artist.

It’s also good to mention that Past Futures comes on black vinyl housed in high-quality cardboard sleeve decorated with a photo of a sunlight, clouds and pine trees on the front. The other side carries a tracklist and all the necessary information about the record. Past Futures contains eight compositions, with The Brink, Somewhere Else, Back On The Train, Always, and Stolen Words released as standalone tracks before. Hello London most likely promoted Past Futures with these singles, but the other songs like Rolling, Another Day, and Lucid sound superb as well. Soundwise, Hello London levitates somewhere between indie rock and pop-punk. The fundamental elements of these two music genres continuously lurk in the mix, but some other sonic ingredients are included along the way. You’ll stumble upon some contemporary melodic punk rock, alternative, indie folk, and indie pop sonic maneuvers. Still, don’t be surprised if you hear other complementary genres because Hello London fully stacked this debut full-length with so many brilliant ideas.

As soon as you place a needle on this fine piece of plastic, you’ll notice Hello London is a skillful songwriter and composer, capable of producing mesmerizing indie songs that immediately get into your listening apparatus. There are plenty of memorable moments hidden in these compositions, and each contains beautiful themes, leads, melodies, harmonies, chord progressions, riffs, and other ear-appealing orchestrations. Honestly, I can’t pick if the verses or choruses sound better because Hello London paid attention to every segment while composing material for his debut. The outstanding vocal harmonies are another detail that really stands out in this sonic equation. Hello London perfectly assembled lyric content to fit even the most demanding instrumentations included on this album. You’ll notice warm-sounding basslines lurking beneath the vocal and guitar layers, which give a bit more density and clarity to divine chord progressions. Of course, nothing would sound energetic without cleverly assembled moderate rhythmic sequences based upon catchy beats, accentuations, breaks, fills, and other percussive acrobats. It’s nearly mindblowing how some compositions carry such psychedelic power pop vibes, but they still retain in indie and pop-punk waters. Hello London invested so much time and ideas into Past Futures, and the effort paid off in a divine indie album worth repeating again and again. Past Futures is available directly from the artist, so check out his Bandcamp page for more information about ordering.





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