Some Remain - Never Enough 7" - Blowtorch Records

Some Remain – Never Enough 7″ (Blowtorch Records)

Some Remain - Never Enough 7" - Blowtorch Records

Today we have another excellent record from a Blowtorch Records workshop. This time, I am delving deep into the latest double single by Some Remain, a Galway-based garage punk quartet that nurtures such a catchy sound. Never Enough comes housed on a 7″ record, but it’s not their only release. Quite the contrary, these folks already released a standalone single named Walk Away and another double single called Television. I am unsure if these recordings went under vinyl treatment, so you’ll need to check that once you visit their Bandcamp and social media pages. Of course, Blowtorch Records always pays attention to their releases, so that’s the case with Never Enough 7″. Therefore, you should grab this gem as soon as possible because the label already posted a low stock alert on their web store.

Never Enough commences on the A-side of this fine piece of plastic. You’ll immediately notice that Some Remain aren’t into garage rock only. You’ll hear how the late seventies to mid-eighties post-punk, art punk, and indie inspired these folks to write, compose, record, and produce such an exceptional composition. Perhaps these complementary styles are mostly hearable in a profoundly detailed chord progressions, riffs, various improvisations, themes, and leads. Of course, there are also vividly hearable warm-sounding basslines carrying many resemblances with the beforementioned genres. These two instruments flawlessly match the mind-blowing rhythmic acrobatics performed by a skillful drummer. It’s almost jaw-dropping how all these instruments work together, while the equally good vocal harmonies contribute to that specific post-punk ambiance. It’s such a powerful track that showcases only the finest qualities of the genre.

Montoya is on the other side of this 7″ record. This particular number goes way more into that garage punk and classic punk rock sound, but with a twist. It’s one of those songs with such a distinctive ambiance, so it doesn’t sound like anything you heard before. It’s also surprising how Some Remain sounds different than Never Enough. It’s like you’re listening to a split between two bands sharing the same vocalist. Montoya resonates with raw, abrasive, grungy orchestrations, while Never Enough delivers a more polished sound. Honestly, I can’t decide which side of this 7″ vinyl I like more since the band handles both styles like pros. You’ll get the impression that they recorded these two compositions, so you could pick your soundtrack depending on the mood you’re currently in. If that’s the case, they nailed it. Never Enough is available in a Blowtorch Records web store. Don’t miss it!





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