Fluffio Released Debut EP “TV Generation”


TV Generation is Fluffio’s highly anticipated debut EP. Since he first exploded onto the scene post-covid, these past 18 months have seen Fluffio perform to a consistently growing fanbase at Toronto’s most iconic venues. In celebration of the new EP’s official release, Fluffio played an exclusive show at Rivoli to an entirely sold out crowd! For hundreds of amassed fans, who have shouted along to the words of these as-of-yet unreleased tracks, the wait is over. For everyone else, it’s time to finally discover this uniquely talented, one-of-a-kind artist. 

The EP consists of four dynamically eccentric songs showcasing a variety of genres and influences to craft an entirely unique sound. Fluffio voices the restless reality of current times by waging a cleverly-worded war on pop culture’s

critical flaws; unifying listeners in solidarity with themes that are universally felt by all. TV Generation provides both ear candy for the masses and a special treat for anyone willing to take the deep dive, defying the conventional with the exceptional.

“I am excited to have started releasing my music with these 4 tracks. To me, Runaway is the most “poppy” sounding song of all the tracks with a right off the back hook, upbeat ska esc verse and big end. Blame is more down and dirty full steam ahead angry punk track. The title track, TV Generation is a combination of the first two but battling a more mature subject matter. Lastly, Destiny kind of brings it all home in an “everything will be alright” kind of way while being more skate punk- people around me have compared Destiny to very early blink182.”

Hailing from Toronto, Fluffio has managed to develop a platform for himself just as diverse as the city itself. Fluffio has forged his own form of punk: loud guitars, catchy melodies, upbeat rhythms and thought provoking poetic lyricism, to ultimately deliver a mature sound with juvenile undertones-, perhaps best described as nursery rhymes on drugs. Paired with his endless energy and bold fashion, Fluffio routinely burns a lasting impression into his audience’s minds.





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