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Poison Idea Announce A Special Version Of “The Badge” Coming Out This Record Store Day

Photo by David Wilds

Featuring the new remix ( done by Portland-police officer ) American Leather Records are proud to announce the release of ‘The Badge’ 7-inch coming out April, 21st ( Record Store Day )

In 1990, Poison Idea released ‘Feel The Darkness’. A crossover record. Aggressive, rebellious and uncompromising. Reaching the cult-status over the years, ‘Feel The Darkness’ was a game-changer in many different ways featuring iconic-now songs ‘Alan’s On Fire’, and ‘The Badge’. Coming out as an anti-authoritarian, anti-police anthem ‘The Badge’ immediately got recognition and resonance in punk-rock world. And getting recognition after a cover-version released by Pantera in mid 90’s.

In 2023 Poison Idea is releasing the song again with a Portland police-officer remixing his version of ‘The Badge’. The founding member of the band, Jerry A, explains the idea behind the release with one simple: “Why would ‘anti-police band’ be working with a police officer now ? You have to listen and feel this piece of art to believe it!”. The sound, the art, the manifesto that has always been very controversial. While people have always been questioning and still do.

Pre-order here. The release is coming out on Record Store Day 2023.





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