Überyou - Silver Lining CD - Various Labels

Überyou – Silver Lining CD (Various Labels)

Überyou - Silver Lining CD - Various Labels

We have a special treat for fans of melodic punk rock today. Gunner Records, Inhumano Records, and Say-10 Records supplied us with a powerful new record by Überyou. For those stumbling upon these guys for the first time, Überyou is a Swiss band based in Zurich, and they’ve been roaming the punk rock scene for almost a decade and a half. They published an impressive number of recordings, such as Supremacy 12″ EP, Revolution LP, a split release with Nunca Inverno, Untergang LP, Frontiers 7″, a compilation tape, a split release with Chelsea Deadbeat Combo, and Night Shifts LP. As you can see, Überyou keep their activities as prolific as possible. The band gave itself a break from 2018 till 2023, when they unleashed Silver Lining, their latest full-length material.

Silver Lining carries twelve excellent melodic punk rock songs that will appeal to even the pickiest fans of the genre. These folks implemented all the vital elements of this particular genre, and you won’t see any other group delving deep into the fundamentals of melodic punk rock like Überyou. You won’t find a weak spot while listening to Silver Lining because each track carries impressive vocal harmonies, singalongs, melodies, low-end tones, and rhythmic sequences. Every composition has that anthemic ambiance that is mostly notable during the uplifting choruses. This band will cheer you up because the positive message is their main ingredient. I know our readers love comparisons with other bands, so Überyou falls under the same branch with Red City Radio, Iron Chic, Nothington, Leatherface, The Menzingers, and other similar bands.

Still, Überyou sounds more a contemporary punk rock band, and maybe they could even relate more to skate punk and pop punk scenes than any other band I mentioned. You’ll be surprised how these folks assembled their numbers without sounding repetitious and boring. Quite the contrary, the entire Silver Lining bursts with so many good ideas that you’ll repeat this album over again without hesitation. It’s nearly mindblowing how guitars duel for dominance on each track. There are powerful, abrasive chord progressions and riffs on one side, while the other bursts with themes, leads, melodies, and harmonies. The equally detailed basslines lurk beneath those guitar layers, but you’ll hear each maneuver pulled by the skillful bass player. Silver Lining wouldn’t sound profoundly dynamic without energetic rhythmic sequences built upon perfectly accentuated beats, continuous splashes on the cymbals, drum fills, and other percussive acrobatics. These guys invested many ideas and so much time, and the effort paid off in an excellent melodic punk rock record you need in your collection. Head over to Gunner, Inhumano, or Say-10 for more information about ordering.





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