Torena - Evil Eyez EP

Torena Released “Evil Eyez” EP

Torena - Evil Eyez EP

California hardcore band Torena released their new EP, Evil Eyez, via DAZE today. Produced and mixed by Taylor Young (Mindforce, Age of Apocalypse) and mastered by Nick Townsend (Drain, Militarie Gun), the five songs on the EP sound as explosive as its artwork looks. Throughout the record, throaty leads make way to gang vocals, metallic guitars cross paths with pulverizing drums. The band set out to make heavy-hitting music fueled by breakdowns and succeed in crafting one of the most volatile releases out this year.

The lyrical content was meant to be relatable, as vocalist Julien Urias states it covers “Struggles with mental health and dealing with living in a world where chaos can be around any corner.  Kind of pessimistic view, but a real perspective.”




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