Movie Club - Requiem/Spinner

Movie Club – Requiem/Spinner

Movie Club - Requiem/Spinner
Photo by Nikki Neumann

After the series of singles and extended play releases launched in 2019, Venice-based duo Movie Club returns with an outstanding double single. Requiem/Spinner is their first piece of work this year that will unquestionably appeal to all the fans of psych-rock sound. It serves as an appropriate continuation of their previous compositions and recordings. However, it also showcases many innovations in songwriting and production.

This double single release commences with Requiem, an ear-appealing track with a longevous overture built upon cathartic instrumentations. You’ll notice how the guitar bursts with reverby, echoic, fuzzy, and abrasive sonic maneuvers, while the rhythm section enhances the ambiance with continuous splashes over the cymbals. Requiem prepares your listening apparatus for a harmonious voyage showcased on Spinner. Some readers might see this composition as an ambient piece, and they couldn’t be far from the truth. However, it unquestionably carries psych-rock aesthetics.

  • Movie Club
  • Movie Club

Spinner carries exceptional semi-distorted chord progressions on one side and fuzzy riffs on the other. These dualities perfectly suit the aesthetics of the composition, which is by all means based upon the fundamentals of a psychedelic rock sound. There’s also a layer of various melodies, harmonies, microphonics, solos, and other virtuosities that uplift this number on an entirely new level. Of course, nothing would sound so good without cleverly arranged rhythmic sequences that consist of energetic beats, vividly hearable accentuations, breaks, and drum fills. Movie Club nurtures such a luxurious sound with many layers of various orchestrations, and you’ll feel like you’ve been listening to at least a quartet during some improv session. The duo thoughtfully assembled both tracks, so there’s no doubt you will include them on your playlist. The double single is available on all streaming platforms. Don’t miss it!

Movie Club - Tour Poster


4/18 – Hollywood, CA – Book Soup/ The Viper Room
4/19 – San Francisco, CA – Thee Parkside
4/21 – Eugene, OR – Luckey’s Club
4/22 – Portland, OR – Turn! Turn! Turn!
4/23 – Seattle, WA – The Underbelly
4/25 – Bend, OR – Silver Moon Brewing
4/26 – Sacramento, CA – Torch Club
5/2 – New Orleans, LA – Garden District Book Shop
5/3 – New Orleans, LA – Bar Redux
5/6 – New York, NY – The Bitter End
5/7 – Brooklyn, NY – C’mon Everybody
5/9- Boston, MA – City Winery





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