Jeromes Dream

Jeromes Dream Announce New Album “The Gray In Between”; Watch Video For “Stretched Invisible From London”

Jeromes Dream

San Francisco hardcore band Jeromes Dream  Erik Ratensperger (drums), Jeff Smith (bass, vocals), and Sean Leary (guitar) — have announced their new album and third full-length The Gray In Between. The album arrives May 5 via Iodine Recordings. Pre-order it here.

Today, the revered band has shared the video for the first single “Stretched Invisible From London.”

“The lyrics for this song were written shortly after the Russian invasion of Ukraine,” Smith states. “I tried to imagine what it was like to try to make art in a warzone. The importance of art never seemed more important to me. I imagined people doing everything they could to make sure they could continue to create.  Not only for themselves, but for any one that could absorb the power of their art. It’s art that holds humanity together and prevents us from descending into madness.”

Jeromes Dream share history with bands like Orchid, Saetia, Reversal of Man, and pageninetynine. The band existed between 1997 and 2001, then reformed in 2018. The Gray In Between introduces Leary (Loma Prieta) on guitar and was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Quicksand, Joyce Manor).

“The entirety of The Gray In Between is a portrait of an absolutely unrelenting fear and anxiety that never seems to let up,” Smith offers. “It is a journey inward. It is a reflection on ailment. It is therapeutic. It is a reminder to get out of bed every day even when it feels like there is no point. It is a reminder of the power that art and music hold. It is an inspiration. It is the embodiment of every emotion that runs through me every day.”

Smith continues, “In the darkest of times, we find joy — often with those who mean the most to us. While making The Gray in Between, I knew I could count on being with Erik and Sean every week. In the chaos of everyday life, the writing of this record was the north star that we could look to no matter how bad things seemed to get. We carved out a space that felt safe and the darkness of the world seemed to melt away as we holed up and wrote. I hope you’ll find peace and inspiration as you experience this record, in your own way, with us.”





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