Herds – Station Of The Cross

Herds - Station Of The Cross

Nottingham-based indie group Herds released their debut single a couple of days ago. Formed from the ashes of an alternative rock band, The Amber Herd, this new outlet showcases a much more progressive side of music through the introductory single. Perhaps Station Of The Cross carries the fundamentals of indie music, but there are many qualities of other genres included along the way. You’ll notice how alternative rock, psychedelic rock, new wave, and post-punk inspired these creative musicians to write and compose such a divine composition. Their sonic maneuvers resemble something that alt-folk/folk-rock artists would eventually record throughout their careers. However, Herds perform this particular style in a fresh and unique way that perfectly matches their indie direction.

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Station Of The Cross carries some impressive sonic maneuvers. You’ll immediately notice all those exceptionally performed vocal harmonies supported by detailed chord progressions. A thick layer of low-end tones lurks right beneath these chord progressions and enhance this song on an entirely new level. Of course, this track wouldn’t sound so profoundly dynamic without energetic rhythmic sequences, mainly responsible for keeping the remainder of the instrumentations in line. Herds thoroughly thought about everything they incorporated into Station Of The Cross. You will hear how the band levitates between the seventies psychedelic, eighties, and contemporary indie rock with such ease. The elements of alt-folk and folk rock decorate that particular ambiance even more, and anyone into writing or composing songs knows that’s not an easy task. You need to hear Station Of The Cross to comprehend its brilliance. The single is available on all streaming platforms.





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