Wish Upon A Star - Through Thick And Thin CD - Keep It A Secret Records

Wish Upon A Star – Through Thick And Thin CD (Keep It A Secret Records)

Wish Upon A Star - Through Thick And Thin CD - Keep It A Secret Records

Here’s another Keep It A Secret Records release to start this week. I am familiar with these guys since I had a chance to experience their music live at the Exit festival a couple of years before Covid kicked in. Also, I wrote a couple of lines about This Is War, an excellent EP that carries many good tunes. For those unfamiliar with these folks, Wish Upon A Star is a Greek melodic punk rock quartet coming from Athens. Since 2021, they have released Sincerity In Every Chord EP, Something To Hold Onto, Through Thick And Thing, and This Is War EP. It’s one of those bands that burst with sheer quality, and it would be such a big mistake if you miss these guys. Today, I will talk about their second full-length release, Through Thick And Thin.

Though Thick And Thin carries nine flawlessly performed melodic punk rock songs with so many good moments, you will probably listen to this CD repeatedly for weeks. Still, this is not another melodic punk rock band you regularly stumble upon on streaming services and social media. Wish Upon A Star perfected and uplifted their craft on an entirely new level, so if you’re looking for another extremely polished, copy-pasted, generic pop-punk band, then Through Thick And Thin might not be a good choice for you. However, if you’re looking for energetic tracks decorated with loads of good ideas, themes, melodies, singalongs, and semi-distorted vocal harmonies, this album will be right up your alley.

Each song leans towards sonic maneuvers usually hearable on modern melodic punk rock records, but Wish Upon A Star also pay homage to the old-school sound. You’ll unquestionably hear how all the good nineties skatepunk groups inspired these folks to write such incredible songs. Another thing that will appeal to many of you are catchy, anthemic pre-choruses and choruses. Every composition comes with a set of thoughtfully arranged themes, empowered with energetic riffs delivered by the rhythm guitar. The rhythm section plays a significant role in shaping the sound through warm-sounding basslines and detailed rhythmic structures. There’s no doubt Wish Upon A Star deserves more credit and attention from the underground punk rock scene, so give a listen to this album, because there are big chances you’ll immediately fall in love with their music. Head to Keep It A Secret Records for more information about ordering this epic punk rock album.





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