The Last Mile - Respect The Frequency CD - Keep It A Secret Records

The Last Mile – Respect The Frequency CD (Keep It A Secret Records)

The Last Mile - Respect The Frequency CD - Keep It A Secret Records

If you paid attention to our pages in the last couple of weeks, you probably already learned that Keep It A Secret Records is a German record label specializing in punk rock. Their entire roster consists of some of the best bands that roam the contemporary punk rock scene, so I highly advise you to visit their website and check them out. Respect The Frequency by The Last Mile is solid proof of my statement. If you’re stumbling upon this band for the first time, The Last Mile is a Canadian melodic punk rock group with a couple of recordings in its discography. However, it seems they perfected their style with this particular record because it bursts with brilliant ideas, exceptional musicianship, and energy from scratch to finish.

Perhaps The Last Mile almost solely relies upon contemporary melodic punk rock aesthetics, but this band might surprise you with some raw, aggressive, abrasive, heavy moments from time to time. There are healthy dosages of hardcore punk involved in some compositions, so if you’re looking for a band that perfectly combines melody and aggression, The Last Mile will be a perfect choice for you. Respect The Frequency carries eleven excellent tracks decorated with everything you ever needed from a punk rock band. The guitars strike hard with various dualities, usually consisting of cleverly assembled themes, melodies, harmonies, and arpeggiated chord progressions on one and aggressive, energetic, heavy riffs on the other. The guitar players combined everything with such a sense of harmony, so you’ll not get the impression that the sound is continuously levitating from one extreme to another.

I also adore how the bass guitar is properly volumed up in the mix. You’ll hear all those clean low-end tones that give even more power to these songs. Of course, nothing would sound so energetic without profoundly dynamic rhythmic sequences delivered through well-accentuated beats. The lead vocalist continuously levitates between clean singing parts and semi-distorted shoutouts. These singing technics perfectly match both the mellowness and aggression of this album, so his vocal performance comes as a cherry on top. The remainder of the group is also responsible for back vocals and singalongs, implemented in all the right places. Respect The Frequency has so many incredible moments, so you should give it a listen if you’re into melodic punk rock music. The CD version of the album is available at Keep It A Secret Records. Don’t miss it!





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