Fire From The Gods

Fire From The Gods Released Lyric Video For “Double Edged Sword”

Fire From The Gods

Fire From The Gods are thrilled to announce the launch of brand new lyric video: “Double Edge Sword”, via Better Noise Music.
The release follows from their long-awaited full length“Soul Revolution”and offers the full force of the band’s soundscape, which uniquely blends different genres and influences into a dynamic yet solid rock song.
Frontman AJ Channer comments: “These days every where you look someone is telling you how to live your life. There’s always some clown on the internet trying to sell me something better. Consumerism is worse than its ever been. All the while these people are living double lives they’re hypocrites but if I say that I get cancelled. Its damned if you do damned if you don’t”.
There are currently six videos/singles featured on “Soul Revolution”: “Love Is Dangerous”“SOS”, “Soul Revolution”,  “Thousand Lifetimes”, and “World So Cold” and “INI”. The songs have explored themes of self realization and discovery, unifying amidst personal revolution, motherhood, and resilience. Having officially surpassed 100M streams on their Spotify catalog, this new body of work masterfully blends feelings of inspiration and aggression with the feeling of soul searching. Erik Ron (Godsmack, Motionless In White, Panic! At The Disco) produced, engineered and mixed “Soul Revolution”, now available to stream and download HERE. See below for a full track listing.
Fire From The Gods have adopted a unifying mission statement, “All Power to All People”, a play on the revolutionary slogan “All Power to the People”. Listeners will hear this statement reflected in “Soul Revolution”, as the band aims to empower all fans through their music.





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