The Magic Es - Little Mistake

The Magic Es – Little Mistake

The Magic Es - Little Mistake

The Norwich-based trio, The Magic Es, returns with another excellent composition that will undoubtedly appeal to all the fans of a contemporary alternative rock sound. The band released an impressive number of recordings since 2016, but it seems that Little Mistake is their best work so far. You can unquestionably hear many qualities on their previous recordings, but this track showcases how comfortable these experienced musicians are while performing their ideas. Perhaps The Magic Es dominantly levitate towards alternative rock but don’t be surprised if you stumble upon some classic hard rock, rock ‘n’ roll, blues, indie, or Britpop. They borrowed some of the finest properties of these music genres while assembling this track. Therefore, Little Mistake bursts with those bluesy-rock vibes, but it is actually an alternative rock song.

The Magic Es

The Magic Es invested superb, catchy, addictive riffs that resonate with a delicate rawness. These abrasive, high-pitched, complex riffs and chord progressions perfectly match equally good, clean, warm-sounding basslines. It’s nearly mindblowing how these two instruments articulate together in the mix. Of course, this song would not sound this good without energetic rhythmic sequences decorated by clever accentuations, fills, enhancements, and other percussive acrobatics. The lead vocal performance comes as a cherry on the top with all those perfect harmonies, while the back vocals help out when necessary. The Magic Es thought about everything while assembling their new single, and their effort paid off in an outstanding rock track that will end up on many playlists. The single is available on all streaming services. Don’t miss it!





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