[ASS] [ASS] [INS] - Underneath CS

[ASS] [ASS] [INS] – Underneath CS

[ASS] [ASS] [INS] - Underneath CS

I recently got an email from a Canadian band that sounded very promising, but no one could prepare me for what was about to come. These guys burst with tremendous experience right from the start, and considering this is their debut, they probably spent some time rehearsing, gigging, and touring with other bands before. [ASS] [ASS] [INS] is a powerful trio from Thunder Bay, Ontario, and Underneath is their debut full-length that bursts with sheer power from scratch to finish. I know that cassette format wouldn’t be the first choice for many readers, but trust me, after you hear this album, you’ll immediately rush to their Bandcamp and purchase this gem.

Underneath carries ten exceptional compositions that will appeal to anyone into a classic punk rock sound. However, [ASS] [ASS] [INS] nurtures a specific sound that may seem simplistic, but it’s actually complex if you dig deeper under the surface. Think of the bands like The Blood, One Way System, Peter And The Test Tube Babies, Cock Sparrer, or Bishops Green, but with much more melody and energy involved in the entire process. [ASS] [ASS] [INS] combine classic British streetpunk with some of the finest elements of UK82 and melodic hardcore, so if you’re into the sounds of the eighties punk music, Underneath will be right up your alley. Because of all these qualities, it’s safe to say this album will become an instant classic in the streetpunk community.

Underneath bursts with equal amounts of aggression and melodics. It seems that the band thought about it because there’s not even a single track that sounds bad here. You’ll immediately fall in love with energetic palm-muted riffs, catchy chord progressions, hypnotic melodies, harmonies, and themes. The producer/sound engineer also thought about low-ends, so you’ll vividly hear each bassline in the mix. The experienced drummer is mainly responsible for the dynamics of these songs, so you’ll enjoy all mid-tempo rhythmic sequences, accentuations over cymbals, and other percussive delicacies. [ASS] [ASS] [INS] also thought about lead vocal parts, back vocal segments, and singalongs, and this material shines even brighter because of all these qualities. Clearly, these guys are not joking around with their music, and Underneath is more than rock-solid proof of their brilliance. As I mentioned above, Underneath comes on a cassette, but I hope this material will receive a vinyl repress in the near future. Until then, you can purchase the tape directly from the band. Head to their Bandcamp page for more info.





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