San Quentin - You Got Some Nerve

San Quentin – You Got Some Nerve

San Quentin - You Got Some Nerves

After exceptional compositions like Laughs On You, Step Off, Crossed The Line, and Hurricane, the UK alternative rock quintet San Quentin returns with another fine piece of sonic artistry. You Got Some Nerve demonstrates the sheer power of this brilliant group, but it also reveals many innovations in sound. This particular track shines bright with clever arrangements, many accentuations, enhancements, decorations, and outstanding sound that meets all the standards of contemporary music production. Perhaps San Quentin almost entirely rely upon the fundamentals of alternative rock, but many other ingredients are lurking in the mix. Therefore, you’ll stumble upon some of the fine properties of punk rock, garage rock, indie rock, hard rock, and rock’n’roll.

San Quentin - You Got Some Nerves
Photo by magnolialux

Some readers might think its too many subgenres of rock music involved in the mix, but these experienced musicians thoroughly combined each element to work to the advantage of this song. You’ll notice how the group combined some classic punk rock maneuvers with a slightly abrasive garage rock ambiance or how they paired contemporary indie with some classic rock’n’roll. Still, it seems they prefer alternatives the most. The song structure, powerful riffs, melodies, and dynamic rhythm section indicate that, so this genre dominates the most in the mix. I like how slightly high-pitched lead vocals and many singalongs uplift this track on an entirely new level. The vocal parts perfectly match the orchestrations delivered by the remainder of the group, so San Quentin thought about even the tiniest detail while assembling this song. You should check out You Got Some Nerve if you’re into cleverly arranged alternative rock. The single is available on all streaming platforms.






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