Izzy And The Black Trees – Revolution Comes In Waves CD (Antena Krzyku)

Izzy And The Black Trees - Revolution Comes In Waves CD - Antena Krzyku

Today, we have another exceptional band on our pages. I must admit I was unaware of their existence. Somehow they sneaked under my radar, but once I listened to their latest full-length release, they immediately bought my attention. Izzy And The Black Trees is a Polish post-punk quartet with several singles and extended play recordings in its catalog. The band also released Trust No One, their debut full-length with eight excellent songs. Perhaps they’re a relatively new band on the scene, but judging by their recordings, they sound like pros. However, it seems that none of these recordings matches the sheer brilliance of Revolution Comes In Waves, their second full-length album due for release this Friday, October 7th, via Antena Krzyku.

Revolution Comes In Waves carries ten energetic post-punk songs. Still, the first thing you will notice while listening to this material is that Izzy And The Black Trees are not another ordinary post-punk band. Besides the dominant aesthetics borrowed from this particular music genre, you may notice many other complementary elements lurking around. Don’t be surprised if you stumble upon some of the best properties of noise rock, garage rock, alternative rock, and indie. Therefore, it’s safe to say that the sound of Izzy And The Black Trees is a collision between post-punk and noise rock, while the remainder of mentioned music genres come as more than necessary additions, enhancements, and decorations. I must admit these combinations work well together and unquestionably go to the advantage of these songs.

However, even their post-punk side comes in a couple of different sonic shapes. You will notice how old-school and contemporary aesthetics struggle for sheer dominance in almost every composition, and you’ll have difficulties detecting which one of these qualities dominates the most. Each number offers cleverly assembled themes, melodies, harmonies, chord progressions, riffs, and other sonic delicacies. The complex basslines keep everything even more interesting, while the moderate rhythmic sequences keep the remainder of the group in line. Of course, nothing would sound so catchy without exceptional vocal performance. You’ll notice how the lead vocalist accentuates particular moments throughout the album. She unquestionably knows how to deliver a top-notch performance that enhances these compositions on an entirely new level. Revolution Comes In Waves is a must if you’re looking for perfectly executed contemporary post-punk music. Head to Antena Krzyku for more information about ordering.

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