Lawsuit Models – Unknown Ghosts LP (Snappy Little Numbers)

Lawsuit Models - Unknown Ghosts LP (Snappy Little Numbers)

A batch of records from Snappy Little Numbers arrived a couple of days ago at our headquarters, so I rushed everything I had planned for this week to start listening and writing about this batch. There are many reasons why I did that, and the record I will be talking about today is one of them. I had a chance to listen to Lawsuit Models the first time I spoke with Chuck of Snappy Little Numbers, and their music knocked my socks off immediately. There’s something about their sound forcing me to revisit this record over and over again. The way the band articulates, the perfect blend of complementary music genres, and clever song structures define the brilliance of their third full-length album.

Unknown Ghosts is an appropriate continuation of Out Of Key With The Windows Down and Off The Pavement, their previous full-length records. It carries eleven outstanding melodic punk rock compositions, and you’ll have many difficulties picking the best one. The amount of ideas invested in Unknown Ghosts blows my mind. Once you listen to this vinyl record, you will stumble upon all those catchy themes, outstanding melodies, vocal harmonies, powerful low-end tones, and profoundly dynamic rhythmic maneuvers. Each composition has a perfect structure, arrangements, and accentuations presented through the flawless performance by the entire band, so there’s no way you’ll not fall in love with Unknown Ghosts.

Perhaps Lawsuit Models solely rely upon the late nineties melodic punk rock sound but don’t be surprised if you detect some properties of old-school pop-punk, power pop, and indie rock. Some compositions may sound too poppy for some listeners who’re looking out for straightforward melodic punk rock. Still, the band avoids the cliches of the contemporary pop-punk scene and implements many qualities of early nineties sound. It’s good to mention that both vocalists sound divine from scratch to finish, and their dual vocal parts unquestionably contribute to the catchiness of this material. I adore how each instrument is vividly hearable in the mix. You’ll hear even the tiniest strum over the strings, every bassline, and rhythmic maneuvers. Therefore, whoever recorded, mixed, and produced this material did an impressive job. Unknown Ghosts is, by all means, an excellent melodic punk rock record that you need to check out in order to comprehend its brilliance. The album comes on standard black vinyl limited to 200 copies, so act fast. Head over to Snappy Little Numbers web store for more information about ordering.

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