Lost Trees Release Video For Poison The Well

Lost Trees
Photos by Toddi Babu

ORLANDO, FL  | August 5th, 2022: Lost Trees, a rising post-hardcore band from Florida, takes a stand against climate change in their new single “Poison The Well”. Lyrics like, “The river banks are all up in flames now” and “The light from above reveals a colder future than we’ve known” highlight what’s coming for us all if we don’t take action now in saving our planet:

“Poison The Well” is written about our failed leadership. Greed has prevented humanity from dealing with the greatest crisis we’ve ever known – climate change. One day, the earth will turn on us – one could only hope that if that day comes, those who are responsible will face true consequences.”  – Lost Trees

Hailing from Orlando, FL, Lost Trees brings a unique blend of post hardcore / metalcore to the scene. The debut EP ‘Waking Life’ is an experimental record with heavy doses of atmosphere, emotive vocals, crushing breakdowns, and mind bending riffs. The follow up single, ‘Inertia’, is all of those components dialed to 10 – a catchy hook, intricate rhythms, and soaring leads. After performing all over FL as the opening act for notable touring bands such as Northlane, Erra, The Word Alive, The Plot In You, Like Moths to Flames; Lost Trees is aiming to take their stage show all across the country, with explosive new music ready to go. 

Follow Lost Trees and stay up to date with upcoming releases HERE.

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