Sleep Kicks – No Chains

Sleep Kicks - No Chains

Norwegian indie rock quartet Sleep Kicks released a brand new single last Friday, so we’re kicking this week with some more quality music for your listening pleasures. No Chains comes right after My Own Demon EP, Hall Of Shame, Recovery, and it’s the first single by this excellent band this year. Perhaps the group solely relies upon indie rock sound, but their music showcases more than meets the eye. It is due to the continuous presence of post-punk and goth rock ambiance. These elements lurk from scratch to finish, but they’re not spoiling the Sleep Kicks‘ primary sonic direction. Quite the contrary, you’ll notice these three elements work together in harmony from scratch to finish.

Sleep Kicks
Photo by Ingeborg Landbakk-Pettersen

No Chains unquestionably sounds like a fine piece of modern indie rock artistry. The lead vocalist provides a steady, confident, sincere vocal performance that guides the listener through cleverly arranged segments. No Chains possesses a calm, relaxing, soothing, nearly cathartic ambiance that applies to any occasion. The initial melody resembles something the post-punk and goth rock greats would eventually record and produce during the mid to late eighties. Beneath the initial theme, the gentle, reverby, semi-distorted chord progressions are lurking with the warm-sounding basslines. These two instruments perfectly work together in the mix, and whoever mixed this composition unquestionably knows how to get things done. The excellent drumming performance offers heavy punches, rhythmic sequences, accentuations, and other maneuvers. It somehow serves as an appropriate contrast to the remainder of the instruments involved in the mix. No Chains is more than a proper continuation of Sleep Kicks‘ previous works, and it’s a track you will dearly include on your playlist. The single is available for listening to on all streaming platforms. Don’t miss it.

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