Paul Pecho – Curtis Yellingmouth / Neatly Framed 7″ (It’s Eleven Records)

Paul Pecho - Curtis Yellingmouth / Neatly Framed 7" - It's Eleven Records

Here’s the last release from the batch of 7″ sent by It’s Eleven Records, a German record label focused on post-punk and dark punk releases. However, this release showcases the other side of the sonic spectrum. After writing about two excellent post-punk releases, I expected more of a similar sound with this one, but I cannot lie that this 7″ a bit surprised me. Of course, that doesn’t mean it sounds lame. Quite the contrary, Paul Pecho‘s double single release has so many good moments that I highly recommend it to anyone into lo-fi garage rock music. For those who might not know, Paul Pecho is already a member of Black Salvation, so there’s plenty of experience behind this musician. You can undoubtfully expect that on this material, but in a much more abrasive and unpolished form.

As I said before, this piece of the plastic consists of two compositions. Some listeners might have trouble defining Paul Pecho‘s style, so let’s say this material probably leans towards psychedelic lo-fi garage rock with a few touches of art-punk and post-punk. Garage rock is the primary sonic direction of the artist, but it’s not a definite one, and that is where the beauty of this double single lays the most. Paul Pecho is experienced enough not to make common mistakes made by so many artists before. Therefore, you’ll notice how his profound love for garage rock intervenes with many chord progressions, riffs, and other guitar maneuvers that might sound familiar to those into art-punk and post-punk music. Even the lo-fi aesthetics decorate these two compositions because even the simplistic noise can serve as a sonic enhancement. That’s the case on this release as well.

Paul Pecho solely relies on a semi-distorted chord progression where all the crunchiness of the single coil pickup and the amplifier burst with all these tiny imperfections. Pecho somehow managed to stack some melodies into these tracks, which serve as more than adequate contrast to all the abrasiveness. What I adore about this 7″ the most is how calmy and easy listening these compositions are, and Pecho’s laid-back singing enhances them even more. Also, both songs differ, but somehow they work together in harmony. I don’t know if Pecho did this purposely, but this creative artist nailed it. There’s no way you’re not going to love these recordings if you’re into late 60s garage rock, psych rock, rock’n’roll, and lo-fi music. It’s raw, retro, catchy, and entertaining like garage rock was supposed to be back in the day. The 7″ record is available on It’s Eleven Records web store. Head over to their Bandcamp page for more information about ordering.

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