Bishops Green – Waiting EP 12″ (Pirates Press Records)

Bishops Green - Waiting EP 12" - Pirates Press Records

After having a chance to write about Black Skies EP, you can only imagine my face when this release popped at my door. I was pleasantly surprised and a bit confused about why the band would publish two releases in such a short period. Maybe these two releases were the part of the same recording session, but songs somehow didn’t work that well together, or perhaps the band just spontaneously decided to release two EPs instead of one full-length. Whatever is the case, it works fine with me because both Black Skies and Waiting EPs sound superb from scratch to finish. That also doesn’t surprise me, considering that Bishops Green never released any bad recordings. They are one of those bands who deliver premium streetpunk sound since day one, and that will probably be until the band ceases to exist.

There’s no way you will not be into these songs if you’re a true fan of Bishops Green. Waiting EP stands as the true essence of their sound presented through three new tracks on the A-side. The other side carries three live songs from their self-titled debut EP, such as Tumbling Down, Alone, and The Crow. These live bonuses are probably the reason why the Bishops Green wanted to separate Waiting and Black Skies EPs. Still, this opens up many possibilities in the future, such as a vinyl LP with both releases and perhaps some bonus tracks included along the way.

Like its predecessor, Waiting possesses everything you dearly love about Bishops Green. The flawlessly performed vocal lines, anthemic singalongs, powerful riffs, vividly hearable basslines, and straightforward rhythmic maneuvers are just some of the qualities of this renowned streetpunk band, but there’s always more. Bishops Green are known for their melodic/harmonic side that comes as a perfect contrast to all the aggression that streetpunk as a genre usually carries. The band gradually dosed melodies and harmonies throughout these songs without spoiling the initial dynamics and energy. Therefore, you get some mellowness, but then there’s that recognizable direct punch in the face that comes through excellent vocal, guitar, bass, and drumming performance.

The other side captures the sheer energy of their live performances. Classics tracks like Tumbling Down, Alone, and The Crow prove why the Bishops Green are respected and loved by punk rockers all over the globe. Also, these live tracks will force you to consider watching this excellent band live as soon as possible. Waiting EP comes on a 12″ vinyl. You can choose between standard black vinyl, ultra-clear and black galaxy, or blood red and black platter vinyl variants. Head over to Pirates Press Records for more information about ordering.

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