Deadends – The Essence Of Every Second LP (Fond Of Life Records)

Deadends - The Essence Of Every Second LP - Fond Of Life Records

After having an opportunity to dive deep into Rebel Songs In Minor Key a couple of days ago, I couldn’t resist writing something about the debut release by Deadends. Surely, Rebel Songs In Minor Key carries many improvements by the band that knows how to assemble proper skate-punk tunes that continuously flirt with melodic hardcore, but The Essence Of Every Second is unquestionably worth mentioning on our pages, even six years after the official release. Compared to their latest release, The Essence Of Every Second maybe sounds outdated because the band progressed so much over the years. However, it will undoubtfully blow you away in terms of songwriting, composing, and execution. It’s a proper skatepunk album that demands your attention.

The Essence Of Every Second carries ten excellent melodic punk rock songs that, as I said above, flirt with melodic hardcore. At some points, this album will sound to you like an improved version of Kid Dynamite, Strike Anywhere, Shook Ones, Satanic Surfers, and many others who blended fast-paced rhythmic acrobatics with catchy melodies and harmonies. Still, Deadends deliver signature moves that will immediately force you to connect the dots and say this is solely their style. It is due to their ability to flawlessly combine all the vital elements of skate punk, melodic hardcore, melodic punk rock, and pop-punk. This band, and I said it with great assurance, sounds much better than some renowned names in the game I encountered in the past. Somehow they managed to pick a sweet spot where their sound is not overly aggressive nor mellow. It’s a fine line where every instrument resonates with sheer brilliance, and there are many ideas involved to support it even more.

Of course, these guys spent a lot of time listening, examining, writing, and composing until they reached the desired sound. The time, effort, heart, and soul invested in these compositions are unquestionably hearable from beginning to end. Not to mention the brilliant ideas and exceptional musicianship that define each number. You’ll definitely have a hard time finding any bad parts. It is due to the fact there aren’t any weak moments on this album. Do yourself a favor and check out this album and Rebel Songs In Minor Key. You won’t be disappointed. I believe the band has some copies of both records, so contact them to preserve your copy.

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