Sister Jack – Come Apart

Sister Jack - Come Apart

Seattle-based post-punk act Sister Jack recently released a new single. Come Apart represents a second track that serves as an appropriate continuation of Don’t Let Me Down. The artist has released both singles in 2022, so it seems this is a relatively new project. However, Come apart bursts with experience, brilliant ideas, and exceptional musicianship. It seems Sister Jack thoroughly planned each maneuver to satisfy even the pickiest fans of post-punk sound. Come Apart may seem like a complex number that carries energetic rhythmic segments, vividly hearable basslines, and semi-distorted riffs, but it will appeal to anyone in the genre.

Sister Jack

Still, Sister Jack is not only interested in post-punk music. Quite the contrary, Sister Jack explores some other complementary genres such as punk rock, alternative rock, and indie rock. The guitar tone mimics the sound of grunge music, especially those bands who currently explore grunge-revival sound. Considering the vividly hearable reverb effect added over the vocals, accentuations while singing, and many other details that define the beforementioned eras, Sister Jack is more into the eighties and nineties sound, and that’s vividly hearable from scratch to finish. You’ll immediately notice this style of music perfectly suits his voice. I highly recommend Come Apart to those into contemporary post-punk. You can listen to the single on all streaming services.

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