Grant Nesmith – Days

Grant Nesmith - Days

After two brilliant full-length releases, Between Tides (2020) and Dreams Of The Coast (2021), South Carolina dream-pop artist Grant Nesmith returns with a brand new single, released about three weeks ago. This prolific artist continues at the same pace by delivering nothing but a pleasing listening experience through soothing ambiance, arpeggiated and regular chord progressions, melodies, harmonies, and dynamic rhythm sections. The entire composition resonates with relaxing notes and beats, but it will leave a big impression on listeners who profoundly love dream-pop music. It’s a number that deserves your utmost attention, especially if you’re into calmy, relaxing, soothing songs fully stacked with brilliant ideas.

Grant Nesmith
Photo by Design Cypher

Still, Days is not another downtempo dream-pop song decorated with heavy dosages of shoegaze, like many artists/bands usually produce their tracks nowadays. Quite the contrary, Grant Nesmith levitates somewhere between dream-pop and indie, so Days will be right up your alley if you’re into the eighties and nineties music. However, you’ll also stumble upon some sonic movements usually heard in contemporary dream-pop, power pop, and indie music. The song possesses wild energy delivered by the moderate rhythm section, but still, it’s calmy enough to float in dream-pop waters. You can listen to this incredible tune on all streaming platforms.

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