Snake - Underdreams LP - Sounds Of Subterrania

Snake – Underdreams LP (Sounds Of Subterrania)

Snake - Underdreams LP - Sounds Of Subterrania

Here’s another brilliant release that completely knocked my socks off. Of course, I could expect that immediately since Sound Of Subterrania has published this piece of sonic artistry. It’s nearly impossible to stumble upon an artist or band on their impressive roster and not be blown away by the sheer quality. Underdreams is a recently released full-length album by Snake. Judging by the quality of their tunes, I could assume this is not their first album but the second one. The trio also unleashed many singles from 2015 til now. Therefore, their recent full-length resonates with the quality of a material performed by a highly experienced trio.

Underdreams is unquestionably a versatile album that will indulge listening apparatuses of the fans of various but complementary music genres. Perhaps post-punk comes to mind at first, but more genres lurk in the mix. Some of them are equally dominant as the post-punk, while the others roam somewhere in the background. Besides the sheer dominance of post-punk, you may notice how contemporary punk rock, synth wave, synth-pop, retro electronic music, and indie inspired Snake to write, compose, record, and produce such an excellent full-length. Underdreams could apply to different moods, circumstances, and situations without sounding pretentious, repetitious, or uninteresting. Its versatility provides the ability to adapt to any setting where the listener will experience nothing but pure enjoyment.

Soundwise, I cannot escape the feeling Snake draws inspiration from the entire opuses of the greats such as The Slits, Devo, Wire, X-Ray Spex, earlier works of The Cure, Siouxie And The Banshees, Joy Division, Depeche Mode, and many others. Still, there are more synths involved in the entire process, so the trio sounds fresh and unique from scratch to finish. Besides some classic movements that could easily pass as properties of post-punk, goth rock, punk rock, synth-wave, or synth-pop, there are plenty of sonic maneuvers that serve as signature moves of this Swedish trio. The synths unquestionably define their sound, but the attitude of other genres is equally present. Also, lead vocals vividly resemble riot grrrl movement with all the powerful shoutouts. Still, Snake left plenty of room for classic, melodic, harmonious chants that serve as a perfect contrast to the empowering shoutouts. I have to admit there’s been a long time since I heard something beautiful, powerful, and sonically pleasing as Underdreams. The vinyl record is up for pre-order at Sounds Of Subterrania, so you better act fast and grab the vinyl. Highly recommended!





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