Ribbon Fix – Camp Fire Dares The Sun CD (Grafton Records)

Ribbon Fix - Camp Fire Dares The Sun CD - Grafton Records

There aren’t many emo recodings who survived the test of time, but luckily for Ribbon Fix, ongoing emo-revival entirely totally works in advantage of Camp Fire Dares The Sun, the full-length album released back in 1998. Just compare this full-length with some contemporary releases, and Camp Fire Dares The Sun could easily pass as one of those newer recordings. The production sounds a bit outdated, but it’s not big of a deal considering many contemporaries are overproducing their music to the max. Therefore, Camp Fire Dares The Sun sounds more organic and ear-appealing, but it also possesses unique aggression that appeals to the listening apparatus. It’s a characteristic of all the groups that released or still release their music on Grafton Records.

As much as I am informed, Camp Fire Dares The Sun is one of the favorite Ribbon Fix releases among emo-core fans. There’s no wonder why that’s the case. This full-length release possesses many qualities that define good emo albums, but I mostly adore how many ideas Ribbon Fix invested in Camp Fire Dares The Sun. Of course, excellent musicianship comes along through cleverly assembled chord progressions, semi-distorted riffs, warm-sounding basslines, and moderate rhythmic maneuvers. Also, I assume dual chants were innovative on the emo scene back then, considering Ribbon Fix is the first emo band I heard that includes female and male lead vocalists. Still, I might be wrong, and maybe some other emo groups did it before.

Camp Fire Dares The Sun carries many beautiful moments, and you can’t even stumble upon any bad segments. Each composition possesses calmy verses, uplifting choruses, and dozen energetic moments where Ribbon Fix bursts with sheer aggression. Still, this is not the same aggression you could expect from a hardcore punk band. Quite the contrary, Ribbon Fix keeps those semi-distorted riffs and chord progressions, but the rhythm section makes the difference by providing a more aggressive/dynamic performance. The vocals are more aggressive and volumed up during these moments, but the melodic, melancholic, soothing ambiance remains intact. If you somehow missed Camp Fire Dares The Sun, I highly advise you to check it out. It’s still available on compact disc via Grafton Records.

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