Baits – Bring Your Friends CS (Noise Appeal Records)

Baits - Bring Your Friends CS - Noise Appeal Records

It’s been a while since I heard anything about Noise Appeal Records. I assumed they slowed down a little bit due to the pandemic. I was surprised when I learned that they kept their activities as usual, but it seems they also went even more underground. Whatever is the case, I am glad they’re still going strong. Their latest arrival proves that Noise Appeal Records still have good taste in music. This fine piece of sonic artistry has instantly bought my attention as soon as the first composition commenced, but each next song sounds even better. Believe me, Bring Your Friends EP by Baits is truly something special that you should check out immediately.

Since this is a promo CD, there’s not much to say about considering graphic imagery, packaging, and other visual specifics, so let’s jump straight to the audio part. It seems that Bring Your Friends comes on the cassette, so I assume it has J-card cover artwork. Soundwise, Baits nurture a distinctive sound based upon a comprehensive amalgam comprised of several complementary subgenres of rock. There are many things lurking around in the mix, and perhaps alternative rock comes first to mind. Still, you may stumble upon some properties of grunge, garage rock, indie rock, punk rock, and power pop along the way. Baits aren’t slaves to the exact type of sound. They rather explore several genres at once, but they do it in a very fresh and unique way.

I adore how every piece works in harmony with the remainder of this sonic puzzle. It’s nearly mindblowing how many listening pleasures Bring Your Friends offers in just four tunes. This material truly stands for quality over quantity and, to be honest, I couldn’t imagine any other release that proves that statement than this release. The way this band flirts with so many genres, their brilliant ideas, ear-appealing chord progressions, delicate layers of abrasiveness over all the instrumentations, and soothing ambiance that works together in harmony with the remainder of the beforementioned characteristics will buy your attention immediately. Give Bring Your Friends EP a chance if you’re into the nineties alternative, grunge, garage, punk, and indie music, enhanced with some modern production. Head over to Noise Appeal Records for more information about ordering the cassette.

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