Suzi Moon - Animal 12" EP - Pirates Press Records

Suzi Moon – Animal 12″ EP (Pirates Press Records)

Suzi Moon - Animal 12" EP - Pirates Press Records

Now it’s time for some more Pirates Press releases. There’s no way you’ve been into punk rock for years without stumbling upon Suzi Moon. She is known for being a member of the Civet, LA Machina, Turbulent Hearts, and most recently, her solo music career. I had a chance to review her debut Call The Shots EP last year, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the sound. If you’re looking out for classic seventies punk rock vibes, Call The Shots will be a perfect choice for you. Anyways, she’s back with another neat EP release called Animal. Perhaps some of you stumbled upon our posts about Gold Record Autograph and Animal. These are two outstanding singles launched ahead of the official release date. Those who checked these tunes out know what I am talking about.

This extended play release carries three exceptional compositions. Pirates Press did such a rad thing by pressing these three songs on both sides of the vinyl, so you cannot go wrong whenever you put the record on your turntable. Also, it is good to mention that the first press of this 12″ EP release comes on neon vinyl, which perfectly matches the colors of the entire packaging. Soundwise, Suzi Moon combines classic UK and US seventies punk rock, garage rock, rock’n’roll. Just think of an era right before LA punk rock transitioned into hardcore, and that’s, more or less, the type of sound Suzi Moon nurtures throughout the entire EP. You’ll also notice elements of early nineties grunge in her music, but more in the arrangements than in orchestrations.

Of course, you’ll hear some similarities with bands such as Hole, Joan Jett, Babies In Toyland, X, Nirvana, FEAR, Agent Orange, Sex Pistols, but Suzi Moon possesses a distinctive voice that makes everything fresh and unique. Her singing technic includes classic shoutouts, semi-growls, screams, and standard clear chants. Her songs have all the best qualities of the beforementioned music genres, but for some reason, punk rock and rock’n’roll are the most dominant elements. Suzi Moon and her band also thought about balance, energy, dynamics, so if you’re into high-octane classic punk rock sound with a touch of contemporary production, Animal EP will be the perfect choice for you. The vinyl record can be pre-ordered at Pirates Press Records, so head over to their web store and grab this gem.






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