Andre Sinnger - Jung Und Unerfahren CD - Weird Sounds

Andre Sinner – Jung Und Unerfahren CD (Weird Sounds)

Andre Sinnger - Jung Und Unerfahren CD - Weird Sounds

Let’s start this Monday with some folk punk! This particular compact disc came to our headquarters a while ago alongside other releases sent by Rookie Records. Although I heard for Andre Sinner before, I can’t remember if I ever listened to some of his recordings. Thankfully, now is the right time to do it since his new album is coming out soon. I had a hard time finding some information, release date, or any other info about the release, so maybe the Wierd Sounds and artist could fix that so the broader auditorium could inform about it more easily. Anyways, this is Sinner‘s second full-length release. Previously, this folk-punk singer-songwriter released Kommen Und Gehen LP, a couple of extended plays such as Momentaufnahme and Unter Dem Einfluss Von and a split release with Der Butterwegge.

The main reason why I criticized a lack of presence on the web a couple of moments ago is that this release deserves your utmost attention. It would be such a waste to go unnoticed under the radar. Jung Und Unerfahren is soulful material performed with so much balance between folk and punk elements. It’s something that most of the modern folk-punk albums lack these days. Each composition contains adequate dosages of emotions, melody, distortion, aggression, energy, and dynamics. The album offers calmy, soothing, relaxing aesthetics on one side and a heavier, energetic, aggressive approach on the other. Still, Jung Und Unerfahren remains in folk-punk circles because of song structures and arrangements. There is also reasonable intervening of a classic punk rock sound, but as I said before, everything is measured to fit into the folk-punk ambiance.

What I adore about this album the most is the fact that the German language perfectly applies to these orchestrations. You’ll have no difficulties listening to these tunes even if you’re not a German language speaker and maybe these songs wouldn’t sound so good sung in English. I think it has a lot of things to do with the ambiance and the Sinner’s style of singing. There’s an emotion present in his voice that draws you to listen to this album even more. Therefore, if you’re into a soulful folk-punk flawlessly performed by a talented singer-songwriter, you should give Jung Und Unerfahren a chance. The visual appearance is also eye-peeling. The combination of black, white, yellow always wins, and the entire digi-packaging looks beautiful. The booklet with the lyrics and information about this release hides within the packaging. It goes perfectly alongside the rest of the design. Head over to Weird Sounds and grab your copy if you’re looking out for some superb folk-punk music.






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