Whobodyhow – Vigilant When Sober

Whobodyhow - Vigilant When Sober

British indie group Whobodyhow released a debut single. Vigilant When Sober represents a blend of several complementary genres housed into an ear-appealing, nearly psychedelic indie rock single. Besides the sheer dominance of indie rock, Whobodyhow shows a profound devotion towards 60s rock, psychedelic rock, dream pop, and other similar music genres. The group paid a lot of attention to every detail included while writing, composing, recording, producing this number. You will unquestionably notice how much ideas, skills, talent, effort, and experience the band invested in the assembling process. It certainly stands out from the crowd with such a fresh, unique, divine ambiance that offers a cathartic listening experience.


The beforementioned psychedelic aspect of Vigilant When Sober plays one of the significant roles throughout the entire track, but Whobodyhow also thought about balancing this material. Therefore, you will also notice some sonic maneuvers and orchestrations that are principal characteristics of the contemporary indie rock scene. Of course, the sound also satisfies all the trends in modern music production, so you’ll hear every chord progression, chant, note, and beat delivered by the band. Vigilant When Sober, without any doubt, stands out from the vast universe of indie rock bands with its unique approach to sound. The single is available for listening on all streaming platforms.

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