New Jersey pop-punk quartet FRND CRCL released a brand new single today. LIFEOFTHEPARTY is their ninth single since 2018, besides two full-length recordings such as Immuniversity (2017) and Internet Noise (2020). It is also their first single in 2022 and, as the band started, their heaviest composition so far. Since its beginnings, FRND CRCL has implemented even more pop into pop-punk, but the band also walks plenty of music directions within this particular number. Perhaps LIFEOFTHEPARTY bursts with all the best qualities of pop-punk sound, but you may stumble upon some other music genres along the way, such as grunge, alternative, and indie rock.

LIFEOFTHEPARTY continuously levitates between raw, abrasive, heavy guitar riffs and more calmy pop-punk and indie rock chord progressions. The rhythm section provides stable support and contributes to the heaviness of the composition through profoundly dynamic rhythmic performance. The bass guitar plays one of the significant roles throughout the entire track, and you’ll, without any doubt, hear all those powerful low-end tones. The lead vocals vividly resemble the nineties grunge era with all the shouts during the choruses and calmer chants during the verses. LIFEOFTHEPARTY unquestionably deserves your utmost attention if you’re into pop-punk, grunge, alternative, or indie rock. You won’t be disappointed after hearing this banger. The single is available for listening on all streaming services.






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