MoeDell – Ain’t That Something

The artist I would like to introduce to you today will be such a treat for all fans of Americana music. It’s been a while since I wrote about artists who’re putting heart and soul into their sound, and MoeDell’s music is a perfect example of contemporary Americana, performed directly from the heart. Since 2016, MoeDell has released several full-length recordings, such as Local, Logan Drive, and There It Is. Besides full-lengths, he also released 5 EP and singles like Slide On Over, Porch, Hummin’ Along, and Cold Side Of The Pillow. Recently, he published his most advanced piece of work called Ain’t That Something that exceeds all expectations. Therefore, I would like to talk about that particular material a bit more today.

Ain’t That Something is MoeDell’s fourth full-length album that contains eleven powerful acoustic compositions. The artist shines bright on the spotlight with excellent songwriting and catchy melodies from scratch to finish, so you’ll surely listen to this album without skipping tracks along the way. It is a comprehensive collection of songs that MoeDell wrote over the past two years, but the entire material sounds and appears compact like it’s written, composed, produced within a couple of months. MoeDell usually writes songs about his family back home in Virginia, so there’s a portion of the tunes dedicated to them. Still, most of the new material deals with personal observations, relationships, friendship, love, pandemic, and many more. The best part about this material is how MoeDell combined these themes, so each composition comes as a logical continuation.

Perhaps MoeDell mainly explores Americana, but you may notice some other ingredients along the way. Besides the sheer dominance of Americana, you will also stumble upon some elements of country, bluegrass, indie folk, folk, and rock’n’roll. Each one of these ingredients decorates his music even more, but MoeDell keeps his music acoustic as much as possible. You may notice electric guitar here and there, but it’s more semi-distorted/nearly clean sounding than fully distorted. The rhythm section also plays an important part. Besides keeping everything in line, the drummer contributes with a decent amount of dynamics and keeps these compositions as energetic as possible. MoeDell’s chants are coming straight from the heart, and his voice carries at least 70% of this material. His singing is soulful, emotive and his soothing voice perfectly goes with his numbers. Ain’t That Something is available for listening on Spotify, so don’t miss this one out if you’re thoughtfully assembled Americana music.

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