Green Jellÿ - Garbage Band Kids CD - Cleopatra Records

Green Jellÿ – Garbage Band Kids CD (Cleopatra Records)

Green Jellÿ - Garbage Band Kids CD - Cleopatra Records

It’s been a while since Green Jellÿ released a brand new material. Eleven years passed since their latest full-length named Musick To Insult Your Intelligence By. In the meantime, Green Jellÿ released several singles, such as Fr3to F33t, Green Jello Suxx Live Three Little Pigs Live Single, Trumpty Dumpty, Marty The Weirdo with Pudge, Silence Of The Sponge, and a split EP with Seeing Snakes. A couple of other recordings popped up, like a live cassette bootleg, the official soundtrack for the Green Jellÿ Suxx documentary, and a compilation album La Foca Ramona. Green Jellÿ kept its loyal fans waiting for a proper full-length material for eleven years. Luckily for all the admirers of comedy-driven punk rock, Green Jellÿ recorded a brand new material called Garbage Band Kids.

Perhaps the group kept their activities quiet for such an extended period, but when they’re coming back, they’re coming back with a blast. Garbage Band Kids carries seventeen numbers performed in their recognizable manner. Even the lineup on this material speaks for itself. Besides founder, lead vocalist & co-songwriter Bill Manspeaker, you can expect tremendous performances from Trailer Park Boy, Louichi Mayorga of Suicidal Tendencies, Angelo Moore of Fishbone, Marc Diamond of The Dwarves, Gord Kirchin of Piledriver, Hacksaw Jim Duggin, Kittie, and many others. In addition, the album includes humorous cameos by Weird Al Yankovic and Wink Martindale. Besides all the beforementioned artists, Green Jellÿ gathered over a hundred songwriters, composers, and musicians, so this is a full-length recording made by fans for the fans.

Like on their previous recordings, Green Jellÿ explores several complementary genres and subgenres in order to deliver a perfect musical background for humorous lyrics. Perhaps the punk rock aesthetics are taking the sheer dominance throughout the entire album, but you may also hear smaller or bigger chunks of other ingredients along the way. You may stumble upon elements of hardcore punk, folk punk, hip hop, rap metal, thrash metal, crossover thrash, alternative rock, industrial, grunge, and many others. At some points, you’ll think there are too many genres involved in a singular material, but no one combines genres like Green Jellÿ. This album sounds reasonable in every aspect, even if you exclude their hilarious lyrics. Each musician delivered his recognizable style, but Garbage Band Kids still resonates like any other Green Jellÿ material.

It’s nearly mindblowing how these tunes are resembling eighties hardcore punk and crossover thrash, nineties skate punk, and rap metal, late nineties alternative rock, but also meet the standards of the contemporary underground music scene. Each composition is thoughtfully assembled and sorted on the album, so each one comes as a logical continuation of the preceding number. Maybe it took them eleven years to record an actual full-length material, but Green Jellÿ are taking from where they left off. Garbage Band Kids sound like their greatest works, but for some reason maybe it sounds even better because of the ideas invested in it. From exceptional musicianship to detailed lyrics, Green Jellÿ still exploits the hilarious side of life by delivering tremendous crossover tunes.

Garbage Band Kids comes with a mind-blowing visual identity like their previous recordings. This time, Bill Manspeaker brought creators of the 80s subversive trading card phenomenon Garbage Pail Kids to provide eye-peeling artwork for this album. Each number includes individual full-color illustration and an immensely detailed front cover image that comes to life through the augmented reality app Artvive. The booklet also contains eye-peeling artworks and all the necessary information about Garbage Band Kids. The album comes on exclusive limited color vinyl, compact disc, and via streaming services. Head over to Cleopatra Records, pick up your favorite weapon and play it loud as much as possible.



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