Forever Again – Resonate CD (Engineer Records)

Forever Again - Resonate CD - Engineer Records

Engineer Records are known for their diverse catalog that embraces melodic punk rock, skate punk, pop-punk, emo, hardcore punk, post-hardcore, indie rock, and alternative rock artists. Each new release is even more surprising, and the crew pays a lot of attention to deliver only the best artists/bands in the game. Resonate by Forever Again is one of their latest releases, and like previous recordings published by Engineer Records, this one also bursts with quality. Forever Again is an indie rock band from Washington, DC area. It was initially a casual solo project by Chris Wetterman, who previously played guitar at A Rocket Sent To You. Gradually, Forever Again became a duo with the addition of the vocalist Christian Nuckels. Together, they released a debut recording named Resonate, published by Engineer Records sometime in July of 2020.

Resonate delivers nine beautiful love songs. The group deals with themes like love, relationships, friendships, various moments, situations, and circumstances. It seems like this material also questions mistakes, decisions, acts, and what would happen if things were done differently. As I stated before, Forever Again relies upon contemporary indie rock sound. However, you may stumble upon the elements of alternative rock, pop-punk, power pop, or modern emo sound. The group thoroughly incorporates these ingredients into the foundations of contemporary indie rock, so you won’t even notice there are more genres involved during the album. Everything is well combined, assembled, adapted, and arranged to satisfy even the pickiest listeners of this particular music. Forever Again uplifted these compositions with modern production that unquestionably highlights all the beautiful moments during their album.

Right with the initial beats of Resonate, you’ll notice a tremendous experience of this duo. Both Wetterman and Nuckels are experienced musicians with decades spent in music, so each composition sounds like a charm. Judging by their sonic appearance, both artists are carrying the dosage of melancholia, which is vividly hearable in these compositions. Wetterman’s impressive guitar maneuvers are delivering loads of pleasant melodies through various chord progressions, arpeggiated themes, octaves, and harmonies. The bass guitar provides all the necessary support to the guitars by delivering warm-sounding basslines to the mix. I am not sure if the rhythm section is generic, but it unquestionably sounds like it’s performed live in the studio. Nuckles gives more power to these orchestrations by emitting various vocal acrobatics during the album. His voice goes perfectly with the indie rock output of Forever Again. Everything sounds like a charm, and you’ll solely enjoy this material if you’re into perfectly executed indie rock. Resonate comes on a compact disc, but it’s also available at all the streaming services. Head over to the Engineer Records for more detailed information about ordering the physical release.

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