Bits Of Alan – Slatland

Bits Of Alan - Slatland

Almost every musician knows how stressful and difficult composing a perfectly balanced material could be, especially if the group floats in the calmer musical waters. The ratio of dynamic and calmy numbers is not an easy task to achieve, but some musicians have a natural talent. Thankfully, the musicians involved in a group such as Bits Of Alan are fully aware of the fundamentals of songwriting and composing proper compositions that would sound even better if they spice things up with some fresh ideas. Their latest offering to the broader auditorium is more than a perfect example of how an indie album should sound in a modern era. Previously, Bits Of Alan released a couple of recordings such as Stories EP and a debut full-length album named Paper Boats. Therefore, Slatland is their sophomore album, which I would like to talk about a little bit more today.

This particular material is inspired by a short story of the same name, written by Rebecca Lee. It carries seven delicate indie rock compositions, almost entirely adapted for acoustic guitar. However, Bits Of Alan is one of those groups that thoroughly plan each maneuver during the album, so you may notice some other polyphonic delicacies that are unquestionably spicing things up a little bit more. Their music spans over elements like alternative, pop, rock, but all these elements are articulating altogether in harmony under the indie branch. Perhaps these numbers are following the characteristic indie aesthetics, but Slatland resonates with a notable dosage of melancholy, mainly presented through meaningful lyrics. The lyrics deal with relationships, friendships, particular moments, situations, and circumstances, but the themes like loss, unrequited love, and remembrance are probably the most dominant ones.

Besides thoughtfully arranged chord progressions, ear-appealing arpeggios, profoundly detailed melancholic themes, Bits Of Alan has another, more robust side, comprised of warm-sounding low-end tones and precise rhythmic sequences. The rhythm section holds these melodies in line, while the percussions are accentuating particular segments. Lead vocals are pairing to these orchestrations like a charm. Slatland is a sophisticated indie album suitable for those moments when you need calmy music the most, and you’ll instantly fall in love with these songs. Slatland is available at streaming services like Spotify and Bandcamp.

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