Mesecina - Esbat 7" - Home Mort Records

Mesecina – Esbat 7″ (Home Mort Records)

Mesecina - Esbat 7" - Home Mort Records

Esbat by Mesecina is one of the earlier releases by Home Mort Records and one of the few released on a 7″ format. The label mostly focuses on cassette or long play releases, so this recording comes as a bit of refreshment. Don’t get me wrong, all their releases are equally good, but this one stands out as unique in their luxurious catalog. Judging by their name of the band and photography of a renowned Serbian actress Branka Katić at their Bandcamp page, I could only assume that Mesecina draws inspiration from the movies by Emir Kusturica. However, let’s not jump to the conclusion and let the music speak for the band itself.

Mesecina is an Italian powerviolence band emanating from Milan, and this material is their second recording. Previously, the group released a self-titled debut album with nine tunes, but it also released a split release with Days Of Hate right after the Esbat 7″. Therefore, this material is their second recording. Mesecina nurtures quite an aggressive approach to powerviolence. Besides some traditional powerviolence maneuvers, you may also hear how grindcore, noisecore, hardcore punk, crust punk, and sludge affected their songwriting. Mesecina articulates in a characteristic powerviolence manner, but it seems their numbers are even faster, abrasive and fiercer. There is something about their extremely aggressive orchestrations that pulverizes the listening apparatus in some beautiful way.

These compositions are short but sweet. This material carries six relentless tracks, with the longest number not exceeding a minute and a half. The group solely relies upon ultrafast rhythmic sequences, blastbeats, and other ultra-dynamic drumming maneuvers. However, these energetic rhythmic segments are descending into nearly doomy half-time rhythms with such ease. The constant changes and breaks between these energetic maneuvers are chopping compositions in half, but the songs are not losing any consistency. The remaining portion of the group follows these rhythmic delicacies through overly distorted guitar shreds, sludgy chugs, and other appropriate articulations. The bass guitar contains nearly the same amount of fuzziness as both guitars, so there’s an extra layer of noise lurking around. Lead vocals are offering a classical powerviolence mixture consisting of hysterical screams, growls, and shouts. Mesecina appears and descends without warning, leaving nothing but havoc.

Esbat 7″ will be right up your alley if you’re into powerviolence, grindcore, fastcore, hardcore punk, crust punk, sludge, because all of these elements are hearable in one way or another during the entire material. This recording also levitates between old school powerviolence and contemporary sound, so you’ll enjoy it no matter which division you prefer more. Head over to the Home Mort Records Bandcamp page, and grab this piece of plastic.




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