Carl Brewster – Abstraction

Carl Brewster - Abstraction

Carl Brewster is a very talented musician who knows how to write incredible compositions, and it’s been a while since I had a chance to write an article about music like this. This particular combination of genres gathered all together at one place and performed in this manner falls under rarity these days, but luckily, there is an artist like Carl who’s proudly keeping the flame of alternative rock infused punk rock high in the sky. His debut album Abstraction showcases some impressive sonic maneuvers, which were so popular a couple of decades ago, so his material would have the potential commercial success back in the days. Things have drastically changed for commercial alternative rock music, but this specific album sounds fresh and unique in the vast sea of repetitious alternative rock-oriented bands.

Abstraction represents a meaningful amalgam dedicated to Carl’s struggle with depression and anxiety. His songs thoroughly explain his struggle with depression by illustrating the emotional states, situations, and circumstances he went through. However, there are a couple of other themes involved in this highly energetic material. His music liberates enormous dosages of power by exploring various musical genres, combined into a harmonious slab of cleverly assembled noise. Perhaps alternative rock is the most dominant genre that pervades this material from all possible directions, but you may also hear how Carl incorporated elements of punk rock, grunge, indie rock, and contemporary hard rock into his profoundly illustrious music.

Besides being the principal songwriter, composer, and performer on the Abstraction, Carl also entirely produced this album by himself, in the spirit of DIY ethics. He’s undoubtfully a person of thousand talents. Therefore, he showcased his abilities as a songwriter and producer in the brightest light. Abstraction hides millions of ear-pleasing moments, demonstrated through delicate song structures, thoughtful arrangements, and brilliant ideas. His music is unquestionably detailed to the maximum, especially as you dig deeper into this particular album. Besides robust grungy riffages, alternative rock accentuations, and energetic punk rock sonic clusters, you may also encounter a couple of meaningful ballads. These ballads are a proper demonstration of Carl’s tremendous songwriting abilities, mainly because of his approach to the details hidden within these songs.

Abstraction is a well-balanced collection of numbers written by the experienced artist who awaited a proper moment to unleash his talents in the best possible way. This material also contains a couple of cover songs, such as a Wonderwall by Oasis and an instrumental acoustic version of Africa by Toto. Abstraction is available on streaming services such as Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and YouTube. Don’t miss out on this one!

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