Trophy Eyes

Trophy Eyes Drop New Track & Video “Kill”

Trophy Eyes

Welcome to a new era of Trophy Eyes. In support of their new studio album, “Suicide and Sunshine” (out June 23) the band is back with a brand new track. “Kill” arrived on May 3, penned all about the universal experience of heartbreak warfare and the scars we wear throughout our lives. Listen to the track HERE.

Trophy Eyes’ John Floreani shares of the new single: “All’s fair in love and war. We all carry the scars of love lost. They become visible in the things we do, our actions and our words. Like machines we continue, only now worn and rattling. Capable of our primary function, but with a little less grace each time. Some people use love as a weapon, and ‘Kill’ is about those people”.

Trophy Eyes leads a new wave in rock music, blending their punk and hardcore roots with modern rock and pop sensibilities. Hailing from Newcastle, Australia, the 4 piece continue to edge away their own path selling out shows across the globe. Known for their brutally honest and emotional storytelling and lyricism combined with one of the most energetic live shows you can find, Trophy Eyes is set to take over. 





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