Panic Attack!

Panic Attack! Pays Homage To Old School Heavy Metal On New EP “Don’t Stop”; Watch The Video For “Meh (Stuck In This Town)”

Panic Attack!

Norwegian hardcore/metal act PANIC ATTACK! released its new EP “Don’t Stop” via Music-Records today! PANIC ATTACK! keeps the roots of heavy metal alive with its raw classic metal sound. Fans of old school heavy metal will appreciate the band’s traditionalist approach to the genre. The new EP is jam-packed with fresh new songs which are best enjoyed alongside some cold beer in a metal bar. “Don’t Stop” breathes some much needed new life to heavy metal by being lively, energetic and at times, downright frantic.

PANIC ATTACK! also released the music video of “Meh (Stuck In This Town)” from the EP in December last year. The video perfectly showcases the spirit of the band’s music by displaying crazy visuals and encompassing (not so) subtle nods to heavy metal history.

PANIC ATTACK!’s sound can be best described as “speed-crush“. Music that sounds like a fast car chase with an impending crash. PANIC ATTACK!’s music is for people on the edge of life & death. The lyrics represent lives of bi-polar depression, confusion, anger, substance abuse, suicidal ideation/attempts, self-destruction and more. Amongst the music’s darkness there’s an underlying but clear message of hope and belief that we can get ourselves to a better place. Living in Stavanger, Norway the members of PANIC ATTACK! have backgrounds in punk, black-metal, jazz and stand up- comedy.





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