Everaged Drop Video For “Peak”


Paris-based post-hardcore quintet Everaged released a new video for Peak. You can check it out below.

“Peak is about a constant fight against sadness that ends in acceptance and coexistence with it. Its lyrics sound like an outlet and an attempt to explain and externalize a feeling of daily scene. Like making peace with an enemy, Everaged accepts and enters into a symbiosis with this permanent feeling of sadness and uses it as an inexhaustible source of inspiration.” – said the band.

The video directed by Jeremy Martineau, a friend of the band who is also a photographer for the French band Novelists, gives a melancholic and modern visual universe to the band and the song.

The audio production of Peak is from Mejej Studio for the record and Depict Studio for the mixing and mastering. Everaged wanted to collaborate with this Australian studio, famous in the melodic hardcore scene for its work with other influences such as Ambleside, Sleep Talk and Hindsight.





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