Guilt Release New Single “Swerve”

Photo by Feisal El-Khazragi (Loathe)

A band dancing between Brighton and Bristol, GUILT have released their debut single ‘Swerve’ today independently. The quad features three members of Exeter deathcore group, Drifted, Harry Davies, Jay Tidmarsh-Watts, and Ben Hampshire, alongside Forrest Daley. This single acts as a first peek at their crushing upcoming record In The Body, set for release later on in the year. 

Brimming with malevolent filth, ‘Swerve’, produced by Connor Sweeney, envelopes the listener in an abrasive crushing wave of expeditious breakbeats, crooked gutturals and crunching baritone grooves. “’Swerve’ is a commentary on the common coping mechanism of avoiding problems and insecurities in today’s fast-paced and often overwhelming society”, vocalist Harry Davies comments. “The song highlights the detrimental effects of sweeping issues under the rug and the eventual burnout that can result from ignoring them. It speaks to the feeling of panic that is all too familiar in our current world and encourages listeners to confront their issues head-on instead of constantly swerving to avoid them.”

Featuring members from the band Drifted, as well as experience touring across the UK with notable acts such as Traitors, Rings of Saturn, A Night In Texas and Distant, as well as playing festivals such as Burn It Down, Southwest Heavyfest and Fall In The Brawl, GUILT are poised to take this momentum and run with it. “GUILT represents the evolution of Drifted,” says drummer Ben, “It’s taking our raw sound to new heights and pushing us to explore uncharted territories in terms of sound and style.” The track’s genre-defying blend of metal, electronic, and experimental music creates a sound that is both familiar and entirely new, proving that GUILT are a force to be reckoned with. With a heavy and melodic sound, listeners can expect a high-energy, dynamic experience from GUILT. 






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