Fret Rattles - The First One LP

Fret Rattles – The First One LP

Fret Rattles - The First One LP

Today, I will talk about the last vinyl from a recent batch of records sent by Fret Rattles. As usual, I saved the best for last because this is their debut full-length release, The First One. As some of you already know, Fret Rattles is an excellent action rock quartet from Minneapolis, Minnesota. They released many good recordings like The First One, Pedal To The Metal, Damn The Consequences, Live At The Hook & Ladder, Are You Ready 7″, and a couple of singles such as Can’t Find It and Thanks For Nothing. The First One is their out-of-print debut album, recently reissued in limited quantities. There are a couple of differences between these two versions. A debut full-length comes with a silkscreen printed cover artwork on the front and a full info/tracklist on the back cover, while the latest version has a small sticker of the cover artwork in the corner, and it comes in a protective cardboard sleeve. The vinyl records included in the second edition are actually leftovers from the first batch, and this second version only differs visually. Also, it’s good to mention there are two vinyl variants, grey marbled and purple marbled. Both look good!

Soundwise, The First One will be a treat to those listeners who appreciate old-school action rock, garage rock, rock & roll, and punk rock. Fret Rattles sound incredible on this one, and you could easily assume these guys recorded this one back in the late sixties, but it’s actually a record released in 2012. Fret Rattles somehow resonate with that old-school garage rock vibe without sounding repetitious, bland, and boring. Quite the contrary, these nine compositions are so energetic, dynamic, and powerful that you’ll probably blast this record on your turntable as loud as possible. It’s also interesting how the band sounds more polished than on their newer records, so The First One will appeal to the fans of straightforward rock & roll as well. I adore every record Fret Rattles released, but this debut shines brighter than the remainder of the discography. Perhaps it has a slightly cleaner sound than their other recordings, but you can still hear a fine layer of crunch distortion, continuous splashing over the cymbals, and warm-sounding basslines. These details define their raw sound, and there are always excellent lead vocals that decorate these orchestrations even more. You’ll notice how every instrument plays a significant role in shaping such a luxurious sound, and these guys sound wild from scratch to finish. The First One is a must if you’re looking for rock & roll music played how it is supposed to, fast and loud. You can grab The First One directly from the band, so head to their official website for more information about ordering.





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