Lower Automation

Lower Automation Released Strobe Light Shadow Play LP Via Zegema Beach Records

Lower Automation

The Chicago trio Lower Automation are back with another unpredictable and dynamically invigorating collage of experimental punk, mathcore and dissonant noise rock.
Having its seeds in Chicago experimental/post-rock band Counterfeit i through Lower Automation founder Derek Allen, the trio have released one EP titled “Maps” in 2016 and a self-titled full-length in 2021, both were met with great critical acclaim. “Lower Automation sound a bit like early At The Drive-In, if they were a little less interested in organizing their chaotic energy into anthemic scream-alongs.” Stated Stereogum, while Decibel praised their album saying “There are many reasons Chicago’s Lower Automation deserve praise. Definitely towards the top of that list is their building of a wheel in which Botch, Wire, DEVO, KEN Mode, Nation of Ulysses, At the Drive-in and the Dillinger Escape Plan comprise the spokes before it gets punctured by a spike strip built by The Locust.”
Due out on November 22nd via Zegema Beach Records, new album “Strobe Light Shadow Play” is another explosive, frenetic and inventive concoction of mathcore, noise-rock, metal and punk, yet this time the trio decided to push the experimentalism even further.
“For this album, we wanted to try some different things than our last one.” Says the band.
“It started by just experimenting with a different idea or riff each day, and seeing where that led us. It’s the most experimental and noisiest release we’ve ever put out, but also probably the most melodic. We recorded it in three different spaces in May and June of 2022, and it was definitely the most fun we’ve had recording. Thematically, the album is mostly about things from the past that have knotted and made a huge mess. Things that you can’t seem to let go of.”
Lower Automation bring a more focused kind of talent and speed this time, with fringes of dark, chaotic energy – effectively continuing their desertion of pop themes and industry norms for seldom repeated, intricately scattered motifs. This record is a gauntlet of razor-sharp guitar, jagged bass, blunted drums, and piercing vocals.





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