Premiere: Dead Dog Summer Announce Their Debut Album “A Place Of Someday” With New Single/Video “Sometimes”

Dead Dog Summer

Dead Dog Summer is a post-hardcore band from Čakovec, Croatia, and “Sometimes” is their second single that announces their debut album “A Place of Someday“, which will be released on 23rd of September on Geenger Records.

Dead Dog Summer was formed at the end of 2020 after several years of the members’ break from playing in various bands. All members of the band were active on the scene in the first decade of the 2000s in various bands from Cakovec and Zagreb (Nikad, The Farewell Reason, Senata Fox, Implicite, Youth Against…), and Dead Dog Summer is their return to the Croatian underground scene. In 2022, the band recorded their first album “A Place of Someday” in their rehearsal room and Ivan Jakić from Kut Sobe studio was in charge of mixing and mastering. The album will be released on the 23rd of September on Geenger records and will be available on all streaming services. The band members are Igor Bistrović (guitar and vocals), Krešo Zerjav (bass and vocals), and Boris Strahija (drums).

When we try to describe the music of Dead Dog Summer it would be easiest to say it is some kind of hardcore that was played in the late 90-ies (they used to call it emo or screamo those days).  Their sound is a combination of sparkly and heavy guitars, screaming and singing vocals, and a tight performance of rhythm section.

“Sometimes” is song about the life we live, about how we often live other people’s dreams, and we postpone our own to please others as not to disappoint them. When we realize that it is not our life, then it is time for changes.”

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