Suspyria Release New Single “Vultures”


Melbourne based rock/metal giants Suspyria have released a new single called “Vultures”, available NOW in all digital platforms. The track is taken from their new album “The Valley Of Despair”, set to be released on October 7th. Produced by Christopher Vernon (Stuck Out, Deadlights, Better Half…), “The Valley Of Despair” includes 9 new tracks introduced by the first single “The Damage”, video available HERE

About “Vultures” frontman Terence Stevens says: “’Vultures’ conception started when Mitch and I were sitting down at my old place in Beaconsfield (Victoria, Australia). We had been brainstorming themes based around loss for the upcoming record, trying to write something musically that would fit, and it just came to me. Lyrically it’s about running away from pain and grief. Metaphorically, it’s as if vultures are the embodiment of that. Constantly circling, waiting for their prey. The lyrics throughout the song explore different aspects of how that would affect the mind of a person suffering through grief. And the journey that person has to go through. I wanted to write something heavy with a lot of groove. I grew up listening to a lot of Slipknot ya know? songs like “Duality” and “Before I Forget” had these simple catchy riffs and Melodies and I always wanted to write something like that. Blend in a little new metalcore sound with some old heavy riffs. We created something that I really believe will carve its own path in the heavy music scene” .

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