Los Inconformes - RRRatas

Los Inconformes – RRRatas

Los Inconformes - RRRatas

What happens when you blend ska, reggae, dub, funk, melodic punk rock, and Latin rock music? Los Inconformes probably have the best answer to this question. Their latest single has these sonic elements combined into a slab of energetic, uplifting, danceable, entertaining ska punk music. The best part about this composition is how they assembled the entire song. Perhaps you’ll notice the heaviness of punk rock in the first place, but here comes the catch. Los Inconformes applied excellent warm-sounding basslines and brass section over it, so RRRatas continuously levitates somewhere between ska and punk rock music. Decently distorted ska chops fit nicely with the brass section, so this track plays games with your listening apparatus in the best possible way. Maybe you’ll have some difficulties noticing the guitars, but the sound engineer did an incredible job fitting them among the other instruments.

Los Inconformes

RRRatas sounds heavy, powerful, and anthemic, and it possesses some wild energy so uncommon for ska punk music. It almost sounds like a hardcore punk song decorated with some ska ambiance. Of course, the group provides their best performance, and you will unquestionably notice that while listening to this song. If you’re looking for a much closer comparison, RRRatas comes close to something that greats like Voodoo Glow Skulls, Buck-O-Nine, and other similar groups would eventually record during their careers. Still, Los Inconformes sound more aggressive, abrasive, and energetic in a good way. Don’t miss this one if you’re into ska-punk sound. RRRatas is available for listening on all streaming platforms.





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