Plizzken - ...And Their Paradise Is Full Of Snakes LP - Pirates Press Records

Plizzken – …And Their Paradise Is Full Of Snakes LP (Pirates Press Records)

This release showed up on my doorstep yesterday, so I thought it would be wise to write a review about it as soon as possible. I listened to a couple of singles before, and I almost immediately fell in love with their sound. As far as I am informed, Plizzken is a brand new German streetpunk band with Sebi of Stomper 98 on vocals. And Their Paradise Is Full Of Snakes is their debut full-length material, heavily promoted by Pirates Press Records and the band itself. Since the news about a full-length release started lurking around, the band released several singles, such as Dear All Happy People, Rude & Wild, and In The Gutter. Besides singles, Plizzken released four videos for Dear All Happy People, Wasted, Beware, and Memento Mori. As you can see, the band keeps it prolific right from the start, which is always a good thing to see.

And Their Paradise Is Full Of Snakes carries thirteen energetic streetpunk compositions that will satisfy even the pickiest fans of this particular genre. The group mainly relies upon slightly calmer, occasionally palm-muted verses but suddenly kicks right between the eyes with anthemic chants, blasting chord progressions and singalongs during the choruses. The guitars are constantly dueling during the album. The rhythm guitar emits rock’n’roll infused riffs on one, while the lead guitar emits melodies and harmonies on another side. These dualities are working like a charm for a band like Plizzken, and the band decorated each composition with these dual orchestrations. The rhythm section supports guitars with immense power through cleverly arranged basslines and excellent drumming performance.

Sebi sounds superb as usual, and his naturally distorted streetpunk chants and shoutouts perfectly suit the performance of the remainder of the group. Also, it’s good to mention that keyboards and organs are working to the advantage of these songs. Such a clever addition that works like a charm. Their sound will unquestionably appeal to those fans of the genre who like both old-school and contemporary streetpunk sound. The visual identity of And Their Paradise Is Full Of Snakes looks mindblowing. The front cover carries a giant cobra, while the grungy photo of an old building decorates the background. The album title is positioned in the right lower corner, while the colossal band logo is on the top of the cover art. The inlay carries various photos, illustrations lyrics, and all the necessary information you need to know about the release. And Their Paradise Is Full Of Snakes is available in different vinyl variants, compact disc, and on all streaming services, so head over to Pirates Press Records for more detailed information about ordering.




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