Last Point - A Beaten Path CD

Last Point – A Beaten Path CD

A couple of gems recently arrived at our headquarters. Considering the quality of the bands I’ve listened to in the previous months, the contemporary melodic punk rock scene has nothing to worry about. There’s plenty of newer punk rock bands out there, and one of those good ones is unquestionably the Last Point from the Central Coast of California. The group has a couple of recordings so far, such as a debut named A Beaten Path and the newest full-length recording, A Broken Road. I decided to write a couple of lines about their debut full-length first since it’s incredible and worth mentioning on our pages.

A Beaten Path contains eight profoundly energetic skate-punk tunes, entirely performed to satisfy even the pickiest fans of this genre. Now, someone will say eight songs could pass as a mini-album, but this recording will keep you entertained for a while, and you will undoubtfully spin this record over and over again. The band keeps their tunes fast, short, and on point. Their compositions continuously levitate between the nineties melodic punk rock and more of a contemporary skate punk sound, so their music satisfies both old and new fans of the genre. I have to admit that I like how they took the nineties skate punk on an entirely new level, but still, you’ll notice how the group pays respect to the genre and keeps some aesthetics of it intact.

You’ll also find a lot of similarities with the groups who previously released their music on Fat Wreck Chords, Epitaph Records, and Nitro Records. Still, Last Point keeps its numbers as unique as possible and avoids the common mistakes that contemporary groups make nowadays. It’s vividly hearable that Last Point thoroughly worked on these songs, cleverly assembled song structures, paid a lot of attention to the arrangements, accentuations, and other crucial things that define an album. Just wait until you hear the vast amount of ideas spent on these songs and the tremendous musicianship invested by every involved member of the group. These guys dedicated a lot of time and effort working on this material, and that’s notable from scratch to finish. A Beaten Path is available on a compact disc directly from the band. Head over to their Bandcamp page for more information about ordering.




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