Bull Brigade - Il Fuoco Non Si E Spento CD - Demons Run Amok Entertainment

Bull Brigade – Il Fuoco Non Si E Spento CD (Demons Run Amok Entertainment)

It’s been a while since I wrote about some streetpunk music, so now I have a chance to introduce an outstanding Italian quintet to you. This particular compact disc came from Demons Run Amok Entertainment a while ago, but finally, I got some free time to pay closer attention to this tremendous band. Bull Brigade is coming from Turin, and Il Fuoco Non Si E Spento is their most advanced full-length recording. Since its formation, Bull Brigade has released two more full-lengths, such as Strade Smaritte and Vita Liberta. The group also published some singles along the way, with Quaranta and Ultima Citta being their latest ones that promote the third full-length album.

Il Fuoco Non Si E Spento carries nine melodic streetpunk compositions, entirely written, composed, produced, and performed to satisfy both older and newer fans of this particular genre. Still, the group adds a lot of melodic punk rock to their sound, so everything sounds even better. This mixture will appeal even to the pickiest fans of the genre. Bull Brigade somehow managed to find a fine line between Californian melodic punk rock and British streetpunk sound. It is still a street punk sound we all dearly listen to and admire but cleverly enhanced to the max. The band spent a lot of time working hard on this material, and the result is vividly hearable from scratch to finish. From perfect song structures, over ideas invested throughout the album to thoughtful arrangements, Bull Brigade sounds and appears as a band that demands your utmost attention.

The group solely relies upon various guitar dualities that define the sound of the entire band. You have cleverly assembled themes, melodies, harmonies, arpeggios on one, and robust chord progressions and riffs on the other side. The bass guitar punches right from beneath with thoughtfully arranged basslines. These low-end tones are helping out the guitars to sound even more powerful. The rhythm section keeps everything in line through powerful rhythms, accentuations, and fills. The semi-distorted semi vocals are continuously balancing between melodic chants and subtly aggressive shoutouts, but this particular style serves the group well. Everything sounds superb, and each composition carries something special that will blow you away as soon as you hear it. Il Fuoco Non Si E Spento comes on various vinyl variants and compact disc. Head over to Demons Run Amok Entertainment for more detailed information about ordering.




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